Effects on smooth muscle preparations of unidentified vasoactiv peptides from intestine and lung

Piper, P.J.; Said, S.I.; Vane, J.R.

Nature 225(5238): 1144-1146


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-0836
PMID: 4392130
Document Number: 21363
Extracts of lung1,2 and of small intestine3 from the pig contain previously unidentified vasoactive peptides which, when given intravenously, increase peripheral blood flow and cause a systemic hypotension, both effects being long lasting. Although the peptide fractions from the lung and small intestine are extractable by similar techniques, the vascular responses they elicit are somewhat different. One peptide from the intestine induced a quicker and more pronounced vasodilatation than either the second peptide from intestine or that from lung3. These substances have not yet been completely purified, and so their activity may be due to a single compound or to several different ones. Because of the short supply of extracted peptides, investigation of their biological activity has been limited largely to their peripheral vasodilator effect.

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