Toxicity of dichlorvos for laboratory mice--LD50 and effect on serum cholinesterase

Wagner, J.E.; Johnson, D.R.

Laboratory Animal Care 20(1): 45-47


ISSN/ISBN: 0094-5331
PMID: 4244722
Document Number: 20836
The acute oral LD50 for the V-2 formulation of dichlorvos administered to young adult COV: (ICR) mice via gastric lavage was found to be 135 and 145 mg. active ingredient per kg. body-weight for females and males, respectively. Serum cholinesterase levels of mice receiving 500 mg. per kg. feed for 24 hours fell to almost half those of untreated controls. The levels returned to normal within 8 days of treatment. D.A.Cz.

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