Multiple sclerosis

Vargas Camaño, M.E.; Miranda Feria, A.J.; Leopoldo Guido, R.; Burguete García, A.I.; Hérnández Velázquez, R.M.

Revista Alergia Mexico 41(2): 58-63


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-5151
PMID: 7804811
Document Number: 18311
Multiple sclerosis, a neurological problem in which mechanisms of autoimmunity and immunodeficiency may cause damage appears with a variable range of immune response. In this paper we classify in three grate subgroups the alterations observed in our patients: Type I: specific defect of immune response; Type II: immunodeficiency with autoimmune responses; Type III: mixed responses: autoimmunity with specific defect of immune response and increased cytotoxicity. A rational explanation about the various immunological changes emerged from comprehension of these mechanisms of response and following these hypothesis we propose an immunological classification of multiple sclerosis in other to reach more effective therapeutic goals.

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Multiple sclerosis