Reliability of the Thai version of SF-36 questionnaire for an evaluation of quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients in multiple sclerosis clinic at Siriraj Hospital

Laosanguanek, N.; Wiroteurairuang, T.; Siritho, S.; Prayoonwiwat, N.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 94 Suppl. 1: S84-S88


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 21721432
Document Number: 14626
To study the application, validity and reliability of a Thai version of SF-36 questionnaires in Thai multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. An evaluation of quality of life using a Thai version of SF-36 was performed in 70 MS or clinical isolated syndrome (CIS) patients. Measurement of internal consistency was done by Cronbach's alpha coefficient and inter-item correlation; measurement of The test-retest reliability assessing consistency of the measure was done by Pearson correlation. There were 55 clinical definite MS patients, 12 laboratory-supported definite MS patients and 3 clinical-probable MS patients, according to Poser criteria. MS types were classified as PP-primary progressive MS(2), RR-relapsing remitting MS (59), SP-secondary progressive MS(3) and CIS(6). Internal consistency measured by Cronbach's Alpha exceeded 0.7 except social functions, which was 0.69. The item correlation coefficient ranged from 0.47-0.88. Reliability of test-retest all items determined by Pearson correlation was significant, ranging from 0.84-0.94. Thai version SF-36 questionnaire is reliable for the assessment of quality of life in Thai multiple sclerosis patients.

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