Bone and Nutrition. Effect of isoflavones on bone health

Ishimi, Y.

Clinical Calcium 25(7): 999-1005


ISSN/ISBN: 0917-5857
PMID: 26119312
Document Number: 18310
Effects of isoflavones on bone health in postmenopausal women are expected, since it shows weak estrogenic activity. In the observational study in Asia, association between intake of soy foods or isoflavone and bone mineral density and fracture prevention has been observed. In the meta-analysis of intervention trials of isoflavone in 60 years or less of postmenopausal women, 75 mg by day about 6 months to 1 year intervention of isoflavones induced suppression of significant decline of bone resorption markers in the urine was observed. On the other hand, intended for Westerners women in the study intervened isoflavones with calcium and vitamin D simultaneously, it is not observed effectiveness of isoflavones on the bone. Such a difference might be due to diversity in the individual metabolic capacity for isoflavones as well as the effects of presence or absence of other co-interventions nutrients.

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Bone and Nutrition. Effect of isoflavones on bone health