Nephrotic syndrome in elderly patients: three years experience at Siriraj Hospital

Jiratthawong, M.; Vongwiwatana, A.; Vareesangthip, K.; Vasuvattakul, S.; Chanchairujira, T.; Teerapornlertratt, T.; Parichatikanond, P.; Choensuchon, B.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 94(Suppl 1): S111-S116


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 21721436
Document Number: 13695
The population age is being high and nephotic syndrome is a common renal disease. To find the etiology and clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome in the elderly patients who underwent renal biopsy at Siriraj hospital including management and outcome. Retrospective study in 76 nephrotic patients whose age > or =50 years and underwent renal biopsy between 2005-2007. Seventy six nephrotic patients with age ranged from 50-84 years were analysed. Primary glomerulonephritis diseases were found more than secondary causes (5:2). The two most common glomerulonephritis were membranous GN and focal/segmental glomerulosclerosis. The etiology of common secondary GN was lupus nephtitis 11.84% following by diabetic nephropathy and amyloidosis. The patients received immunosuppressive drugs and complete response was found in 51%, partial response 10.2%, no response was 2% and no immunosuppressive therapy 36.7%. There was 1 patient died of septicaemia. Nephrotic syndrome in the elderly patients were not uncommon. The causes should be identified for prompt management and excellent outcome.

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