Portuguese man of war: case report

Morales Torres, Y.; García-Gubern, C.; Purcell-Jordán, R.; Santiago-Rodríguez, T.; Rodríguez, M.

Boletin de la Asociacion Medica de Puerto Rico 96(3): 147-152


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-4849
PMID: 15803969
Document Number: 9638
In this case, due to the patient's clear description of the organism involved, it was easier to treat accordingly and successfully, with a good outcome. As previously commented there are very few reported cases of Physalia physalis envenomations in Puerto Rico. This could be due to two reasons, one could be that they are actually rare, or the other that they are common but these organisms are being confused by swimmers to be regular jellyfish and not reported. We recommend that future research on this subj,?ct explore the possibility of more frequent, less reported cases; and more importantly on the possibility of the development of treatment protocols and immunization development for these organisms. Also to asses the need for public education towards the different species, signs and symptoms for proper and timely treatment. These measures will aid in avoiding fatalities and more serious complications, on cases of serious envenomations such as the Physalia species or others.

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Portuguese man of war: case report