Itching in patients suffering from psoriasis

Szepietowski, J.C.; Reich, A.; Wiśnicka, B.

Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica Adc 10(4): 221-226


ISSN/ISBN: 1330-027X
PMID: 12588672
Document Number: 9239
Some psoriatic patients suffer from intensive itching, however, literature data on its prevalence and especially on clinical manifestation are very limited. This study was undertaken to evaluate the frequency and clinical characteristics of itching in patients with psoriasis and to correlate the presence and intensity of pruritus with clinical severity of psoriasis. One hundred psoriatic individuals (psoriasis vulgaris in 77% and arthropatic psoriasis in 23%) were included in the study. The severity of psoriasis was assessed according to PASI score. Itching was evaluated using two methods: visual analog scale (VAS) and a specially designed questionnaire method. Itching was found in 80% of psoriatic patients. The severity of psoriasis in pruritic patients was significantly (p<0.004) higher as compared to non-pruritic subjects. Significant correlations were found between PASI scores and intensity of itching, as assessed by both scales: VAS and the questionnaire method (r=0.29, p<0.01 for both analyses). The presence and intensity of itching did not depend on age and gender of patients, type of psoriasis, duration of disease, and last outbreak of psoriasis. Generalized itching was reported by 28.7% of pruritic patients. The most common sites of itching were lower limbs (50%), trunk (48.7%), upper limbs (48.7%) and scalp (35%). Face appeared to be the least commonly affected skin area by itching (only 1.2%). We conclude that itching is a common symptom in patients with psoriasis, and its intensity correlates with clinical severity of the disease.

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Itching in patients suffering from psoriasis