Chrono impact versus enteric coated valproate in Thai epileptic patients

Towanabut, S.; Tiemkao, S.; Thammasupapong, S.; Kijjarak, R.; Arayawichanon, A.; Poungvarin, N.; Sirimaharaj, S.; Chaisewikul, R.; Asawavichenjinda, T.; Maneesuk, S.; Silpakit, O.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 88(11): 1651-1659


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 16471115
Document Number: 8478
Since its first clinical use more than 30 years ago, Valproic acid is still being widely prescribed It has been available in Thailand for more than 20 years. Sodium valproate slow-released (SVSR) form has been used in clinical practice in Thailand since 1990. The objectives of this open study were to access the compliance and satisfaction consequences in the epileptic patients. In this prospective, multi-center study, the authors compared the compliance and satisfaction consequences in epileptic patients switched from more than two times daily sodium valproate enteric-coated tablet (SVEC) regimen to the same total daily dose of SVSR form given once or twice daily. Eighty-nine of the 100 patients completed the study. 43.8% were male (39 of 89 patients). Mean age was 34.74 +/- 12.67 years. Most common etiology of epilepsy was idiopathic 40.4%. Patients were very/fairly happy with the SVSR form 94.4% compared to the SVEC form 56.2% (p = 0.000). Patients had been experiencing no problem with the SVSR form 67.4% compared to SVEC form 38.2% (p = 0.000) and also never missing taking SVSR. form 77.5% compared to SVEC form 40.4% (p = 0.000). According to convenience, patients preferred to administer SVSR form once a day 92.1% and never over taking dosed the antiepileptic drug 96.6%. SVSR form had fewer side effects than the enteric-coated form interms of memory problem (40.4% vs 48.3%) (p = 0.000), sleepiness (30.3% vs 42.7%) (p = 0.041) and difficulty in thinking clearly (38.2% vs 44.9%) (p = 0.001). The patients were seizure free during the study period comparing SVSR form 76.4% to SVEC form 65.2% (p = 0.011). Patients preferred once daily regime. Switching from SVEC to SVSR form increased seizure free, reduced side effects, improved patient's compliance and satisfaction.

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Chrono impact versus enteric coated valproate in Thai epileptic patients