Evaluation of a school-based internship program for Chinese immigrant adolescents in the United States

Ching, A.M.; Yeh, C.J.; Siu, W.Yin.; Wu, K.A.; Okubo, Y.

Adolescence 44(175): 601-620


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-8449
PMID: 19950872
Document Number: 629838
The experiences of five Chinese immigrant adolescents who became participatory action researchers (PAR) (Fine et al,, 2002) through a school-based internship program in the United States are analyzed and presented. Evaluation of the project was conducted using content analysis of student researchers' journal entries. Discovery Oriented Approach analysis (Mahrer & Boulet, 1999; Mahrer 1988) was implemented and revealed the following main domains: Learning and Growth, Program Evaluation, Adjustment and Coping, Identity Development and Social Role, Pride, Social Support, Empathy, and Group Process. Implications for conducting PAR with ethnic minority populations are discussed in the context of the participants' experiences with cultural adjustment.

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