Behavior analysis in myasthenia gravis

Rohr, W.; Peter, H.

Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie 41(1): 35-41


ISSN/ISBN: 0937-2032
PMID: 2017548
Document Number: 623
A first step in approaching the autoimmune-disease myasthenia gravis from behavior therapy is reported. 23 patients were investigated by a two to four hours lasting structured behavior analytic interview (SBAI) and a set of standardized questionnaires, used routinely for neurotic reactions. A marked disability was found in occupation. Significant social phobic and depressive reactions became obvious in the interview but not in the questionnaire data. Half of the subjects reported interactions between emotions, cognitions and motoric behavior. Onset of sufficient treatment was preceded by a diagnostic Odyssey, lasting up to 9 years. Our results correspond to the sparse literature. Further basic research on the subject has to be done that may lead to first experimental behavior therapeutic trials.

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Behavior analysis in myasthenia gravis