The natural history of benign ulcer of the rectum

Kennedy, D.K.; Hughes, E.S.; Masterton, J.P.

Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics 144(5): 718-720


ISSN/ISBN: 0039-6087
PMID: 850856
Document Number: 572
The cause of benign ulcer of the rectum is obscure, and there are varying views as to its pathogenesis. It is usually found to have a clinical onset in young adults of either sex. On sigmoidoscopy, the lesion has a characteristic appearance. The ulcers are, most often, solitary but more than one ulcer can be present. Diagnosis at biopsy is not essential, but distinctive changes can be seen in tissue from both the ulcer itself or the mucosa adjacent to the ulcer. Clinically and histologically recognizable preulcerative and nonulcerative phases are seen. Despite the benign nature of the ulcer, it may persist unchanged for many years, often associated with rectal prolapse. In general, medical and surgical methods of treatment have proved unsatisfactory.

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The natural history of benign ulcer of the rectum