On a case of sudden death while masturbating

Tomita, K.; Uchida, M.

Nihon Hoigaku Zasshi 26(1): 42-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0047-1887
PMID: 5064056
Document Number: 5563
The authors have reported on a woman case of sudden death while masturbating. The death was caused by compression of the brain due to idiopathical subarachnoid hemorrhage. One aneurysm of a half sparrow-egg-size and a middle arteriosclerosis were found in her intracranial arteries. There was no rupture in this aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage was from rupture of a small artery w ?ch lay close to the aneurysm. There was scarcely sclerosis in aorta. One carrot root was used probably to masturbation and on the time of medico-legal examination this root was put in her vagina just as it was on the time of death. The Florence test on her vaginal content besides the carrot root was negative and there was no spermatozoon in the contents but the acid phosphatase test on her vaginal contents was positive. This test on the clinging substance to this carrot root was more powerfully positive. Each water extracts of other available carrot root were then tested. The each of acid phosphatase tests on these extrac? was very powerfully positive. But the each of the test on boiled extracts was scarcely negative. It was obvious that this positive reaction was due to a phytogenous enzym.

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On a case of sudden death while masturbating