Aorto-pulmonary window

Lau, K.C.; Calcaterra, G.; Miller, G.A.; Lennox, S.C.; Paneth, M.; Anderson, R.H.; Shinebourne, E.A.; Lincoln, J.C.

Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 23(1): 21-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9509
PMID: 7061578
Document Number: 5004
Aorto-pulmonary window (septal defect) is an uncommon congenital cardiac malformation accounting for only about 0.5% of the cases of congenital heart disease catheterised at our institution. Of 15 patients with this anomaly eight had associated cardiac malformations. Three patients presented in the neonatal period and in these patients the other cardiac anomalies (aortic interruption in two, pulmonary atresia in one) determined the clinical presentation and haemodynamic disturbance. A second group of five patients presented with heart failure during infancy and in these patients additional anomalies, present in three, were "incidental" findings. A third group of seven patients with similar physical signs but without heart failure did not present until after the first year of life and all were asymptomatic. Associated anomalies, present in two, were again "incidental" in that they did not influence the presentation. Of 12 patients without serious associated anomalies, five, operated on before 1970, had division and suture of the aorto-pulmonary window with one death. In two the defect was patched from the pulmonary artery but one required re-closure from the aorta. In six the defect was successfully patched from the aorta, which is now the preferred technique.

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Aorto-pulmonary window