The dynamic hip screw in comparison with Ender nailing

Höntzsch, D.; Weller, S.; Karnatz, N.

Aktuelle Traumatologie 20(1): 14-19


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-6173
PMID: 1969689
Document Number: 4700
Mainly the Ender, Simon-Weidner nailing and the dynamic hip screw (DHS) of the AO compete along with other procedures for the treatment of proximal femur fractures by elderly individuals. The opportunity was taken to control the operative strain and postoperative development of 51 patients with Ender-nailing and 45 patients with DHS from the years 1985 to 1987. Prompt ability to walk and full load bearing capability is obtained by both procedures. Both procedures have slight strain due to operating time and operative trauma. Specific technical complications such as wandering of the nail and defective external rotational positioning were found mainly by the Ender-nailing. Reoperations were necessary in a few cases. The complication rate could be sunk further through the application of the DHS.

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The dynamic hip screw in comparison with Ender nailing