Intraoprative identification and monitoring of motor structures of the brain stem

Shchekut'ev, G.A.; Konovalov, A.N.; Luk'ianov, V.I.; Khukhlaeva, E.A.; Lubnin, A.Iu.

Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia 1996(2): 26-32


ISSN/ISBN: 0201-7563
PMID: 8754169
Document Number: 469396
The purpose of this work was to evaluate the method of identification of motor structures of the bottom of the IV ventricle iii order to find the zone through which it is possible to safely approach the bulky formation and to assess the efficacy of subsequent monitoring of these structures for the prevention of their intraoperative injury. Fourteen patients with bulky tumors of the caudal portions of the brain stem aged 4 to 57 were examined. Motor structures of the brain stem (nerves VII or IX, X, and XII, depending oil the site of injury) were identified by direct electrostimulation of the surface of the rhomboid fossa and recording of the motor functions by mechanography of EMG. The results indicate that intraoperative identification of motor structures followed by monitoring thereof is a useful instrument which helps reduce the surgical risk of injuring these structures during surgery on tile brain stem.

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