Salmonella epidemic in Blekinge in early summer 1974

Böttiger, M.; Eitrem, R.; Gunaropulos, H.; Juhlin, I.; Lindberg, A.; Löfdahl, A.; Moëll, H.; Nordmark, B.; Rydén, A.

Lakartidningen 72(20): 2158-2162


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-7205
PMID: 1173273
Document Number: 4571
An outbreak caused by Salmonella typhi murium, phage type 8, occurred in Blekinge in southern Sweden in June 1974. Altogether 573 cases were diagnosed. The source of the infection was contaminated cream from a dairy serving about 150,000 people. An investigation, which covered all personnel in the so-called "risk groups", i.e. persons handling fond (factories, restaurants etc.) and nurses of small children and long term patients, revealed 51 carriers among the almost 3,000 persons investigated, i.e. 1.8 per cent. Four old people died as a result of the outbreak. Of 91 hospitalized patients eleven developed acute polyarthritis.

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Salmonella epidemic in Blekinge in early summer 1974