Hemophilia in Sicily: epidemiological and clinical aspects

Musso, R.

Haematologica 75(Suppl 5): 153-168


ISSN/ISBN: 0390-6078
PMID: 2086375
Document Number: 4200
At present to predict and outline the future of hemophilia care in our country, as well as in the world, is not easiest job, especially at time when throughout the world a variety of contrasts exists and seems to grow in acceptance of risks and opinions on purity and safety of material for treatment (26-29). In our opinion, in order to obtain good results from comprehensive care and home infusion therapy, the following goals in the treatment of hemophilia must be continued: 1. experienced and competent personnel (by hemophilia treatment units and comprehensive hemophilia centres) 2. an educated patient population (by informations and social programs) 3. adequate supplies of concentrates (in terms of ultra-pure concentrates and new products including recombinant DNA or monoclonal factors, high purification of porcine plasma for hemophiliacs with inhibitors) 4. useful alternative of the synthetic DDAVP (and fibrinolytic inhibitors) 5. genetic counselling for prenatal diagnosis and DNA analyses (through corionic villus or fetal umbellical vein blood sampling). However, for the rest of this century we wish newer promising approaches in the biology and clinical management of hemophilia.

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Hemophilia in Sicily: epidemiological and clinical aspects