Conservative management of flail chest

Beg, M.H.; Reyazuddin; Ansari, M.M.

Journal of the Indian Medical Association 88(7): 186-187


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5847
PMID: 2266261
Document Number: 3943
A total of 100 cases of flail chest were studied to find out the efficiency of the anti-lung contusion regimen containing a diuretic, a steroid and an enzyme preparation for some 10 days, along with pad and strapping. There were 80 males and 20 females. Majority (71%) of patients were between 16 and 45 years. Road side accident was the commonest cause, present in 65% cases followed by bull horn injuries (25%), fall from a height (8%) and gun shot injuries to chest (2%). Associated intrathoracic and extrathoracic injuries were recorded in 45% and 30% cases respectively and they were treated according to their merits. There were 11 deaths with an overall success rate of 89%.

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Conservative management of flail chest