Connection between varicella and herpes zoster

Jako, G.J.; Jako, R.A.; Bokay, J.

Journal of Medicine 17(3-4): 267-270


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-7850
PMID: 3295093
Document Number: 3941
I would like to bring up the question of whether or not the unknown infectious material of the chicken pox could under certain circumstances manifest itself, instead of as a generalized skin eruption, as a Zoster eruption. Naturally in shingle cases, we can attribute only some of them to such infectious origin. In my observations, which include a large number of cases, I still have to consider the existence of "Zoster ex usu arsenici" (Zoster caused by the use of arsenic). My observations could be valuable, especially these days when recently Zoster epidemics were reported from a very eminent place - Kaposi - and certain forms of Zoster present as acute infectious disease."

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Connection between varicella and herpes zoster