Fecundity, fertility, and sterility: assessment and controversy

Riphagen, F.E.

Contraception Fertilite Sexualite 18(3): 193-199


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-861X
PMID: 12284023
Document Number: 366961
The author reviews problems concerning infertility in developed countries. Topics covered include natural fertility, "demographic and social trends in family planning such as increasing maternal age at first childbirth, the increase of age-specific infertility rates through known (), unknown (the environment) or debatable (induced abortion, certain contraceptive methods) causes, and the availability of highly developed techniques to assist conception. The actual prevalence of infertility is poorly documented and is either derived from demographic surveys or from hospital populations. To record the true prevalence of infertility, population-based surveys including infertility specialist confirmation of the etiology are needed. One survey of this type indicates a lifetime prevalence of 17% of couples." (SUMMARY IN ENG)

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