Radiologic picture of the thorax in acute asphyxia caused by near drowning. a caseload contribution

Schiavon, F.; Nardini, S.; Bossi, A.; Bezzegato, L.

La Radiologia Medica 80(1-2): 24-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-8362
PMID: 2217939
Document Number: 366861
One hundred-fifteen drowning and near-drowning patients were hospitalized in Jesolo and Mestre over the last 10 years. A correlation between radiological patterns and clinical features was thoroughly investigated by the authors. A close relationship was found between clinical findings and the X-ray pattern of the first radiography, taken immediately after the rescue. The longer the hospitalization (or when SNC is assessed) the less significant the correlation. According to the author's experience, prognosis is good when the first radiograph does not demonstrate any lesions. On the contrary, when lesions are seen on the first radiograph the patient is to be carefully monitored in order to treat every complication promptly, including ARDS (10% of all cases). Chest radiographs are also useful to explain autopsy findings. No typical radiological pattern was found: however, four signs were observed, which were very frequently associated-i.e., bilateral parenchymal shadows, pneumothorax, pneumopericardium, and gastrectasia. These findings appear to be characteristic of near-drowning.

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