The system of designation of surgical suture materials

Adamian, A.A.; Vinokurova, T.I.; Novikova, O.A.; Gavriliuk, N.N.; Sergeev, V.P.

Khirurgiia 12: 77-79


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-1207
PMID: 2079825
Document Number: 366807
The authors suggest a unified system of designation of type--sizes of surgical suture materials of various nature and structure, which removes the existing discrepancy between the numbering of foreign and Soviet threads as well as of Soviet threads produced by different enterprises of the country. Introduction of the new system of metric sizes of the suture threads will allow surgeons to be properly orientated in the choice of the necessary suture material and make easier the work of services engaged in the development and realization of surgical suture materials.

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