Heart and heart-lung transplantation at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johnson, D.L.; Baumgartner, W.A.; Reitz, B.A.

Clinical Transplants 1990: 89-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0890-9016
PMID: 2103188
Document Number: 366801
Since 1983, 120 patients have undergone heart transplantation and 18 patients have had heart-lung transplants at our institution. Transplantation is limited only by donor referrals but relaxation of donor criteria has increased donor availability. Immunosuppression currently consists of a 3-drug protocol of CsA, Aza, and P. Our current 1- and 5-year survival rates for heart transplants are 85% and 66%, respectively. The 1-year survival for heart-lung transplantation is 53%. Research continues in many areas of transplantation. The development of coronary artery disease in grafted hearts remains a problem. We have found that older donor age and Cmv infection are significant predictors of developing coronary disease. Routine successful extended heart-lung preservation has been difficult to achieve. A successful technique of prolonged preservation would allow for better matching, reduced logistics, and, potentially, increased numbers of donor organs.

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