Continuation and effectiveness of programme and non-programme methods of family planning in Sri Lanka

Thapa, S.; Hamill, D.; Lampe, P.; De Silva, V.; Abeykoon, A.T.

Asia-Pacific Population Journal 8(2): 73-87


ISSN/ISBN: 0259-238X
PMID: 12287525
Document Number: 366791
"The objective of this paper is to examine continuation and effectiveness of contraception based on a 1986 survey of more than 3,200 women in rural Sri Lanka. Data on both programme and non-programme methods of contraception are analyzed. Programme methods are defined as including all those methods that are provided through the public or private family planning programmes (namely, oral pills, IUDs, injectables, condoms, female barrier methods and sterilization). Non-programme methods refer to those that are not provided through any structured programme; these methods include calendar rhythm (commonly referred to as 'safe period' in Sri Lanka), withdrawal, abstinence and other traditional methods."

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