Disseminated coagulopathies and advanced malignancies

Fengler, S.A.; Berenberg, J.L.; Lee, Y.T.

American Surgeon 56(6): 335-338


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-1348
PMID: 2350105
Document Number: 366774
Among patients with various malignancies, three to 15 per cent may have associated idiopathic thrombosis. In a two-year period, we saw three patients with signs and symptoms demonstrating the association of neoplasia and coagulopathy. Their clinical courses and eventual outcomes are summarized. All had thrombophlebitis of multiple sites. There were difficulties in demonstrating their underlying occult malignancies, and all three patients showed resistance to oral anticoagulation drugs. Current hypotheses concerning the pathophysiology of coagulopathy associated with cancer are discussed, and recommendations for management of such patients were presented.

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