150 hepatic resections of malignant tumors. Technical aspects

Elias, D.; Lasser, P.; Desruennes, E.

Journal de Chirurgie 127(1): 27-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-7697
PMID: 2312628
Document Number: 366706
One hundred and fifty hepatic resections for liver tumors have been performed in 130 patients during the last six years. The origin of the tumors was miscellaneous, but 76 resections were made for liver metastases from colo-rectal cancers, and all the types of hepatic resections were performed. The post-operative mortality and morbidity were respectively 2% and 26%. After such an experience, we think that hepatic resections for tumors are currently safe surgical operations. This security comes from two technical ameliorations: the practice of intraoperative ultrasonography and the systematic use of repetitive pedicular clampings. A detailed account is done about the different operative technics concerning intraoperative ultrasonography, pedicle clamping and different types of systematized or atypical hepatectomies.

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