Psychological changes in diabetic patients with polyneuropathy

Knezević, A.; Kovac, I.

Medicinski Pregled 43(3-4): 140-142


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-8105
PMID: 2233550
Document Number: 366644
The study has multi-sidedly examined and considered the possible relations between psychic, especially unsuitable emotional charges and the most frequent peripheral nerve complications in diabetes mellitus patients. By the comparative method of researching the psychic status and electro-physiological characteristics in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy, it has not been determined that distinct psychic disorders exist in patients with roughly expressed nervous complications in relation to the control group on condition, which consists of patients with complications of a lighter form. The results of this research lead the assumptions, of a possible psychic induction of nervous complications in the course of diabetes mellitus, to a doubt.

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