Distribution of the infection by Camallanus corderoi (Nemata: Spiruroidea) in different autochthonous hosts and localities of the Valdivia river basin, Chile

Torres, P.; Franjola, R.; Cabezas, X.; Neira, A.; Covarrubias, C.

Boletin Chileno de Parasitologia 45(3-4): 55-59


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-9402
PMID: 2152359
Document Number: 366614
Six hundred and thirty nine autochthonous fish were examined in 1986-1987 in search for Camallanus corderoi infection on different biotopes from Valdivia River basin (between 39 degrees 30'-40 degrees 00'S, 73 degrees 30'-71 degrees 45'' W). Brachigalaxias bullocki, Galaxias maculatus, Galaxias platei, Aplochiton taeniatus, Cheirodon australe, Basilichthys australis and Cauque mauleanum are new hosts for C. corderoi. Infection by C. corderoi in fish is acquired by ingestion of infected copepods and prevalence and intensity of infection showed differences between host fish and biotopes. In general, infrapopulations of C. corderoi showed overdispersion in different hosts.

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