The effect of early postoperative jejunal feeding on the exocrine function of the pancreas

Bodoky, G.; Pap, A.; Harsányi, L.; Flautner, L.; Tihanyi, T.

Orvosi Hetilap 131(34): 1861-1862; 1865-1866


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-6002
PMID: 2119027
Document Number: 366509
Subsequent to pancreatoduodenectomia with pylorus retention on 12 patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis we analysed the effect of artificial nutrition on pancreas-secretion by examining the pancreatic juice extracted directly from the Wirsung duct. We used post-operative nutrition administered by fine-needle catheter jejunostomy in 7 patients and 5 patients received postoperative support by total parenteral nutrition as a control-group. We analysed the pancreatic juice collected in four hour fractions for volume, direct protein, amylase, chymotrypsin, bicarbonate. It has been found that on the first two days after the operation we can see a slow increase in the measured values and on the third postoperative day after an abrupt rise the pancreas secretion became steady. Between the two methods of artificial nutrition applied it was impossible to prove an observable difference concerning their effect on the pancreas. According to our observations the two methods are equivalent in the postoperative therapy of patients operated on because of chronic pancreatitis.

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