Antiestrogenic treatment of advanced and recurrent carcinoma corporis uteri--a phase Ii study of toremifene

Horvath, G.; Stendahl, U.; Kalling, M.; Fernö, M.; Himmelmann, A.; Hajba, A.

Anticancer Research 10(2a): 323-325


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-7005
PMID: 2140668
Document Number: 366506
The antitumor efficacy and toxicity of a new anti-estrogenic substance--toremifene--were investigated in a phase II study. Twenty-six patients were eligible for final evaluation (6 primary and 20 recurrent disease). A daily dose of 200 mg toremifene was given orally. Treatment continued for at least 3 months, until progression or significant side-effects were encountered. The response rate was 35% (3 CR and 6 PR). Six patients had NC and 11 did not respond to the treatment. The median duration of responses for CR was 10+ months (range 3(+)-19) and for PR 4 months (range 3(+)-16). The treatment seems to be well tolerated and effective.

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