Lymphotropic chemotherapy of patients with tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, skin and abdominal organs

Dzhugostran, V.I.; Grumeza, V.S.; Ivanov, V.S.; Kuku, G.S.

Problemy Tuberkuleza 12: 33-35


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-9533
PMID: 2084690
Document Number: 366504
Experience gained as a result of indirect endolymphatic chemotherapy of patients with tuberculosis of the skin, peripheral and mesenteric lymph nodes is presented. The above treatment is tolerated well by the patients and causes no local or general complications. The clinical effect is achieved 1-3 months earlier than with a traditional therapy which provides a significant drop in the inpatient period and the drug load. Incidence of exacerbations also becomes less. It is worthwhile to include lymphotropic chemotherapy into a complex of therapeutic measures both at the beginning of the treatment and in a torpid course of the disease.

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