Two distinct lymphocyte populations mediate simian immunodeficiency virus envelope-specific target cell lysis

Yamamoto, H.; Miller, M.D.; Watkins, D.I.; Snyder, G.B.; Chase, N.E.; Mazzara, G.P.; Gritz, L.; Panicali, D.L.; Letvin, N.L.

Journal of Immunology 145(11): 3740-3746


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 2147200
Document Number: 366482
The relative contributions of the effector lymphocyte responses to the AIDS virus envelope glycoprotein (env) were explored in simian immunodeficiency virus of macaques (SIVmac)-infected rhesus monkeys. CD8+, MHC class I-restricted, env-specific CTL were cloned from PBL of SIVmac-infected monkeys, indicating that such cells constitute a component of the env-specific effector lymphocyte response. A limiting dilution 51Cr release assay was then established for quantitating the frequency of SIVmac-specific effector lymphocytes in PBL of rhesus monkeys. Using this assay we demonstrate that SIVmac env-specific effector lymphocytes are comprised of both CD16-, MHC class I-restricted and CD16+, MHC class I-unrestricted cells. We also demonstrate that the env-specific response is the predominant SIVmac-specific effector lymphocyte response in rhesus monkeys. These studies document the complexity of the effector lymphocyte response to the AIDS virus envelope glycoprotein and establish the role played by two distinct effector cell populations in this response.

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