The role of transplantation in diabetics with end-stage renal disease

Henry, M.L.; Ketel, B.L.; Elkhammas, E.A.; Tesi, R.J.; Ferguson, R.M.

Clinical Transplants 1990: 203-215


ISSN/ISBN: 0890-9016
PMID: 2103145
Document Number: 366443
At our center, KPT is the treatment of choice for diabetics with ESRD who are not irreversibly disabled by their secondary complications of diabetes. Mortality, as a result of cardiovascular complications, has a significant impact on the outcome of patients in both the KPT and KTA groups. Metabolic complications are problematic in the early posttransplant period. Infectious complications are frequent but not life threatening in the combined recipients. Excellent graft outcome (pancreas and kidney) can be achieved in those patients selected to undergo the KPT procedure.

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