Sleeve resection of congenital tracheal stenosis associated with pulmonary artery sling: report of a case

Wu, M.H.; Lai, W.W.

Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 89(8): 724-726


ISSN/ISBN: 0929-6646
PMID: 1981238
Document Number: 366401
A 20-month-old boy was diagnosed as having congenital tracheal stenosis associated with left pulmonary artery sling. A tracheal segmental resection with transposition of the left pulmonary artery out of the vascular sling via right thoracotomy was performed using high frequency jet ventilation. The above procedure was used instead of traditional vascular transposition through a left thoracotomy. Postoperatively, the bronchoscopic view of the trachea was patent.

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