Which approach should be chosen for inverted nasosinusal papilloma?

Jankowski, R.; Lhuillier, C.; Simon, C.; Wayoff, M.

Revue de Laryngologie - Otologie - Rhinologie 111(1): 71-74


ISSN/ISBN: 0035-1334
PMID: 2130404
Document Number: 366296
Inverted papillomas are a benign tumors arising from the external wall of the nasal cavity. Sinus extension is easy to evaluate pre-operatively by using the CT-scan. Lateral rhinotomy is therefore not the only way to removing these tumors. Vestibular and endonasal approaches can be considered. Surgical treatment must however remove the tumor tissue completely since recurrence results directly from insufficiency and must be completed by an histological analysis of the whole tissue after its removal in view of its frequent association with carcinoma.

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