Prognosis factors in adenocarcinoma of the kidney. I. Staging, clinical and macroscopic factors of the tumor

Gutiérrez, J.L.; Val-Bernal, J.F.; Portillo, J.A.; Garijo, F.; Buelta, L.

Archivos Espanoles de Urologia 43(5): 481-486


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-0614
PMID: 2389972
Document Number: 366056
In 95 cases of renal adenocarcinoma (32 stage I, 18 II, 26 III, and 19 IV) submitted to radical nephrectomy and hilar lymphadenectomy with a follow-up of 5 years, we evaluated the prognostic value of the Robson classification (p less than 0.01), categories T (p less than 0.01), N (p less than 0.01), M (p less than 0.01) and V (p = NS), 3 clinical parameters (sex, age, duration of symptoms and signs) which proved to be of no prognostic value, and 6 macroscopic features of the tumor (solid or cystic nature of the tumor, presence of intrarenal tumor satellite modules, ureteric invasion, tumor size, site and intrarenal location of the tumor). Four of the foregoing proved to influence prognosis.

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