Normal kid cotwinned with an anasarcous fetus

Balasubramanian, S.; Subramanian, A.; Veerapandiah, C.

Veterinary Record 127(17): 436


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4900
PMID: 2264255
Document Number: 366024
A 4-year-old pluriparous goat was presented with a history of straining for 6 hours. A dead anasarcous fetus which weighed 3.5 kg with a crown-rump length of 50 cm was delivered by gentle traction. Subsequently a live, normally developed, male kid was delivered by traction. The anasarcous fetus had a head resembling a 'bull-dog' calf and large amounts of ascitic fluid. Radiography of the fetus revealed normal skeletal development.

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