Pleomorphic bladder rhabdomyosarcoma in an adult male. Apropos of a case

Herrera Puerto, J.; Laguna Alvarez, E.; Sevilla Zabaleta, M.; Caballero Gómez, M.; Soler Fernández, J.; Pimentel Leo, J.; Asuar Aydillo, S.

Archivos Espanoles de Urologia 43(4): 413-415


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-0614
PMID: 2383053
Document Number: 347699
We report on a 45-year-old male patient with a mesodermal tumor localized in the striated muscle of the bladder wall. The histopathologic analysis revealed a stage I pleomorphic tumor. The clinical and histologic features of this uncommon tumor type are described. Treatment by partial surgery and adjuvant chemo- and radiotherapy (CMT + XRT) have achieved good results. The patient is asymptomatic 44 months thereafter.

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