Regional population projections for Austria: on the spatial trends in the resident and economically active population to the year 2021

Fassmann, H.; Kytir, J.; Munz, R.

Demographische Informationen 1995: 120-35 163-4


PMID: 12321135
Document Number: 312351
"Projections show that Austria's population will increase slightly in the next decades. The seemingly constant development, however, conceals far-reaching age structure shifts on the one hand, and great regional differences concerning the future population development on the other. While urban agglomerations will grow, the population of the peripheral regions of the eastern parts of Austria and even more so of its southern parts is expected to decrease markedly.... In the western parts of Austria and in suburban communities the number of the elderly will grow in greater measure than in its eastern parts and peripheral regions the share of the young is decreasing much less in Austria's western regions and the suburban communities." (EXCERPT)

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