Specificity of secretory immunoglobulins in cervical mucus of women with uterine cervical dysplasia

Sharma, B.K.; Gupta, M.M.; Saha, K.; Luthra, U.K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 85: 72-76


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
PMID: 3034776
Document Number: 300422
Levels of secretory immunoglobulins in cervical mucus from 167 women diagnosed on the basis of cytological diagnosis as cervical inflammation, various grades of cervical dysplasia and normal cytology were determined. The study showed a significant increase in the level of secretory IgA which corresponded with the severity of dysplastic lesions of uterine cervix. Specificity of raised secretory IgA against herpes simplex virus antigens showed that frequency of women positive for HSV-2-IgA antibodies increased with mild, moderate and severe categories of dysplasia, as compared to the controls. Women who were positive for HSV-1-IgA antibodies did not reveal any appreciable changes with regard to control and dysplasia categories of women. On follow-up, women with persistent dysplasias and those who progressed to malignancy showed higher prevalence of HSV-2-IgA antibodies in their cervical mucus.

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