A quantitative study of the cerebral cortex in Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia using an automatic image analyzing system

Sauer, B.; Dietl, H.W.; Kretschmann, H.J.; Mehraein, P.

Journal für Hirnforschung 27(6): 695-702


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8359
PMID: 3571965
Document Number: 269650
The gray level index method was used in order to quantitatively differentiate the histological characteristics of a pathological population (n = 14) from those of a normal population (n = 14). An automatic image analysis system compared the laminar patterns in the straight gyrus of the cerebral cortex of deceased normal patients with those who died with Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. In comparison to the normal control group, the cases with Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia show a significant decrease in the gray level index of lamina III.

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