Post-hepatitis non-A non-B transient medullar aplasia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Vecilla, C.; Bernacer, M.; Outeiriño, J.; Hernández, A.; Sánchez-Fayos, J.

Anales Espanoles de Pediatria 22(1): 43-47


ISSN/ISBN: 0302-4342
PMID: 3920940
Document Number: 253968
We report a clinical hematologic sequential process consisting of transient marrow aplasia post-hepatitis (non A-non B) preceding acute lymphoblastic leukemia. There have not been other reports mentioning a similar evolution. Authors outline the possible pathogenetic mechanisms involved in the sequence of events described. We suggest that viral infection produces a lesion of the stem-cell which could have different expressions depending on the stages of the disease at which it is studied. Those varied expressions perhaps could be explained by the modulation induced by the host's immunologic system.

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