MR-Brain Causing Confusion

Farooqui, A.; Ramzan, M.T.; Pattinson, J.; Zaidi, S.

Acute Medicine 18(4): 259


ISSN/ISBN: 1747-4892
PMID: 31912060
Document Number: 18210
This is a T2 weighted image (T2WI). In T2WI compartments filled with fluid appear brighter (as is the case of the CSF in the lateral ventricles). On the contrary, tissues with a high fat content appear as dark. This T2WI demonstrates layering of debris (figure 2- marked red star) in the occipital horn of the lateral ventricles. In this particular patient, the complete MRI report additionally demonstrated that the debris did not show a high T1 signal, demonstrated diffusion restriction, and a high FLAIR sequence. There was also restricting material observed in the fourth ventricle and the sylvian fissures bilaterally. There were no parenchymal changes or pathological contrast enhancements within the brain tissue. Whilst this appearance could represent blood, the appearance of the debrinous material itself was more in keeping with infective/pus material within the ventricles suggestive of ventriculitis.

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MR-Brain Causing Confusion