Demographic Causes of Chronic Lateral Elbow Pain along Arthroscopic Criteria

Kongmalai, P.; Chanlalit, C.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 99(Suppl 8): S79-S83


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 29901918
Document Number: 16447
We conducted this study in order to find out the demographic causes of pathology for chronic lateral elbow pain along arthroscopic criteria. We conducted descriptive study of the medical records of the patients with chronic lateral elbow pain There were 29 patients who met inclusion criteria in our study. With regard to intra-articular pathologies, we found a radiocapitellaplica in 41% of the patients. In 21% of the patients, we found isolated tennis elbow. The concomitant radiocapitellaplica and tennis elbow were also found in 21% of patients. Cartilage lesion was found in 10% of the patients and plica with posterolateral impingement was found in 7% of patients. Causes of the chronic lateral elbow pain are complex. The diagnosis should be made by precise clinical sign and proper investigations. In our series, the lateral epicondylitis was not the majority cause of chronic lateral elbow pain. The benefits of arthroscopy are not just the minimal invasive approach directly to the lesion, but also the intra-articular and dynamic investigation allow the surgeon to make sure that all pathology were treated.

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