The integration of the applied Thai traditional medicine into hospitals of the current health delivery system: the development of an administrative/management model

Fakkham, S.; Sirithanawutichi, T.; Jarupoonpol, V.; Homjumpa, P.; Bunalesnirunltr, M.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 95(2): 257-263


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 22435257
Document Number: 15457
Develop a model of administration/management of district/general hospitals in the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand to enable the medical services of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine to be integrated into the current Modern Medical (Health) System. A prospective study of the various services of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine in relation to the needs of other related services of the hospitals and the health needs of the population of Huay Ploo District Hospital of Nakhon Pathom Province. The collection of data of services covered 12 months to enable the comparisons of changes that occurred during the period. The study was both quantitative and quantitative measures. There is a statistical difference in all aspects compared of the opinions of personnel related to the services of Thai Traditional Medicine before and after the interventions in the areas of knowledge, attitude, beliefs, and the support of the services rendered by Thai Traditional Medicine. The present study showed that more system diseases was seen before than after the interventions whereas the most common incidence of diseases was in the musculo-skeletal system when compared to those found in other systems. After the interventions, the patients' preferences in the methods of treatment were mixed, with several methods of treatment preferred and with the tendency to resort to Thai Traditional Medicine more than before the interventions. This was believed to be the result of changes in the hospital i.e. personnel from all service units after answering the questionnaires and voiced opinions were found to require more relevant competencies and in need of support from their superiors. The personnel surveyed wished that the planning and policies'goals succeed with efficiency The Administrators outlined the plan and strategies to move forward. With cooperation to solve problems, should any occur and with mutual role and coordination of personnel and services, the way towards solving problems should be beneficial as all sides participated in the undertakings. The management/administration of Government district/general hospitals under the Ministry of Public Heath aiming for an integration of all services of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine into services of Modern Medicine in Government Hospitals at the mentioned level was feasible and this undertaking would comply with the National Health Policy and WHO Guidelines. The present research study proposed that the Hospital uses health care services as a 'principal core' and other related sectors acted as supporting/promoting/and facilitating the principal core towards the best practice in health/medical care. The researchers wished to label the development of this model as "Huay Ploo Model", which will be a landmark. In addition, the Ministry may want to pursue a similar model as the administrative structures of all hospitals under the Ministry, under the Thai civil service system. The researchers also proposed the set-up of a Centre for Training and Learning within the hospital. It was also suggested that the Hospital should hold regular academic meetings of various forms to strengthen the knowledge, skill, and overall capacity of its personnel.

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The integration of the applied Thai traditional medicine into hospitals of the current health delivery system: the development of an administrative/management model