Non-diabetic glomerular disease in type Ii DM: 10 years experience

Chawarnkul, O.; Vareesangthip, K.; Ongajyooth, L.; Cheunsuchon, B.; Parichatikanond, P.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 92(Suppl 2): S57-S60


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 19562987
Document Number: 13733
The nature of renal damage in patients with type II diabetes remains unclear. To analyze the renal histopathology in type II diabetes who underwent renal biopsy at Siriraj Hospital, renal unit over 10 year period. The clinical and biochemical data in 54 patients with Type II DM, atypical cases of DN, were subjected to renal biopsy and analyzed retrospectively. Ten out of fifty-four type II diabetic patients (18.5%) were diagnosed non-diabetic nephropathy (NDN); there were 4 patients with membranous GN, 3 patients with crescentic GN1 patient of MPGN type I, 1 patient with renal change from hypertension and 1 patient with IgMN. The most important factor that had statistically significant was nephritis urine sediment (NDN: DN 40% vs. 4.5%), However 60% of NDN had no nephritic urine sediment. There was no strong predictor to differentiate DN from NDN by clinical or biochemical data. The only significant finding in NDN was nephritic urine sediment.

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