Etanercept in therapy multiresistant overlapping pityriasis lichenoides

Nikkels, A.F.; Gillard, P.; Piérard, G.E.

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology Jdd 7(10): 990-992


ISSN/ISBN: 1545-9616
PMID: 19112768
Document Number: 12467
Pityriasis lichenoides (PL) exhibits a protean clinical presentation, particularly in its overlapping form (OPL) combining aspects of the acute and chronic types. Some patients are drug multiresistant and pose a therapeutic dilemma. The anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha agent etanercept, was recently introduced as an alternative treatment for psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. A 65-year-old woman suffered from an overlapping form of pityriasis lichenoides (OPL) for 5 years. Several initial acute episodes were controlled by successive courses of oral antibiotics, topical corticosteroids, and/or psoralen ultraviolet light-A (PUVA) therapy. The disease progressively evolved to a more chronic form. Topical immune response modifiers and corticosteroids, as well as PUVA, ultraviolet light-B (UVB), methotrexate, dapsone, and cyclosporine were introduced, but all proved ineffective. Due to the therapy multiresistance, 2 weekly injections of etanercept were administered. After 2 months, a marked improvement was observed in regards to the patient's pruritus and inflammation. No treatment-related adverse effects were observed. Therapy was continued for 4 months without any new lesion development. However, 1 month after stopping treatment new OPL lesions recurred. At the time of publication, this is the first report of the effectiveness of etanercept in OPL. This drug might be considered as a therapeutic alternative for treatment multiresistant OPL.

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Etanercept in therapy multiresistant overlapping pityriasis lichenoides