Ovarian conservation to sustain fertility

Smith, J.J.; Schwartz, E.D.

International Journal of Fertility 7: 155-158


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-725X
PMID: 13914296
Document Number: 9526
Conservation should be the underlying principle whenever ovarian surgery is done on benign neoplasms. Ovarian conservation to sustain fertility is practiced by (1) the prophylactic method, whereby routine pelvic examinations are done on all females - digital rectal examination in the child and adolescent, and vaginal examination in the young reproductive female; (2) conservative surgery on all elective benign ovarian neoplasms. Most twisted ovarian cysts can be untwisted and observed for a short time with hot applications in order to determine competent circulation, after which simple cystectomy is the procedure of choice in women up to the age of thirty,. Five cases of twisted ovarian cysts which have been untwisted have been reported, adding 5 to the report of Way's fifteen, without any side reactions or embolization. The fear of embolization from the ovarian vein in a female with an intact cardiopulmonary system is undoubtedly greatly exaggerated.

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Ovarian conservation to sustain fertility