Medical ethics for senior medical doctors (Episode II)

Phaosavasdi, S.; Taneepanichskul, S.; Tannirandorn, Y.; Thamkhantho, M.; Pruksapong, C.; Kanjanapitak, A.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 88(6): 867-868


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 16083232
Document Number: 9336
A good leader will never ever forget themselves, or abuse the power or authority, and also not trust only the inner circle voice, nevertheless they have to listen and consider the voice of disagreement from others. Otherwise, they will transform themselves to be a "dictator" unconsciously which is very dangerous and harmful to the democratic ruling system as well as themselves and their family members, as you can see from the past history of foreign countries and even Thailand itself. Thai culture is surrounded and consistes of kindness, mercy and good wishes to each other. The patient is so grateful and appreciates the value of the medical doctor for saving their life. Even although the Western culture is penetrating globally as a business-oriented culture in which medico-legal cases such as patient's rights, the value of the patient's benefit protection and certainly it requires the legal act to get involved eventually. The compromised culture which has been embedded in Thai society for a prolonged period can be changed firmly and gradually because of the usual and regular condition and definitely the good and valued medical doctors is still around. The opportunity of medical doctors to act as a pioneer of the trend and conflicted societies, is responsible to them and it's a great opportunity for Thai medical doctors to reach out to these goals and excellence. The above statements can be found in various media. Is it true that the medical doctors will absolutely be hundred percent good guys and have good luck from time to time? But for sure, even our medical colleagues are very much dedicated and concentrated in their job, as the family members of our medical profession, they have been left out, they have no time to share with or even be responsible to them. Many of our friends in the same profession might feel so sorry or appreciate the term "short-belt situation" or "unexpected" event which might attack us from the society violently and unmercifully.

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Medical ethics for senior medical doctors (Episode II)